Utification (2020): photozine, copyright 2020 by Phil Scalia and Oblong Box Editions, edition of 200, 6″ X 9″, 28 pages with 27 color photographs.
Artist’s Comments: Utification came about from walks around downtown Utica NY, between December 2017 and July 2020. I live an hour east and would go there to take a walk – a break from my routine. It gives me an urban hit that I crave once in a while. These walks were taken with purpose but without direction or deadline. Often my feet would deliver me to Columbia and Lafayette streets in old downtown, where they were famous for making boilers. Alas, a wealthy suitor appeared. Mohawk Valley Health System demolished the neighborhood in 2020 in order to build a hospital and parking lots. So, some of pictures in these pages no longer exist as places. What is the future of my Utica walks without the old “CoLa” neighborhood, I just don’t know.
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