Studies in Racial Senescence

Phil Scalia makes mathematical patterns called convolutions in Photoshop, to riff on public domain photos that he finds on Wikipedia, of politicians, their minions and tribunes.

In his foreword,  Charles Plymell considers The Theory of Racial Senescence, in essence, that the evolution of species mirrors the arc of life of an individual – from youth to maturity to decline and death.

The work conjures the fate of species in the convoluted faces of the reelected and the indicted.

“ … drills into who we are through the visages of our titular leaders and exposes us just a little, enough that we might grasp a tidbit beyond our ‘me’ mentality. These guys look beautiful, when you’ve had enough Coors to pickle your eyeballs.”
–– Roxie Grant Powell

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ISBN 9781320262743
Printed by Edition One Books, Berkeley, Calif.
Edition of 50, 10” X 8”
56 pages, 50 color images

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